The Auto Graveyard

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"Why would yugo anywhere else?"
―The Auto Graveyard's slogan.[src]
The Auto Graveyard
The Auto Graveyard.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Junk yard
Employees: Raphael
First appearance: The Return of Truckasaurus

The Auto Graveyard is a scrap-metal junk yard located within Springfield.


Bart and Otto went there so Otto could find the parts he needed to fix the schoolbus, which had broken down nearby. While looking around the junk yard, Bart came across the discarded Truckasaurus. Raphael tells Bart he can have Truckasaurus for free if he can get it out of the junk yard. Otto is able to fix truckasaurus but Bart accidently breaks off a lever inside it causing the machine to walk through town, destroying a number of buildings before walking off into a large body of water.