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Town/City Information
Country: USA
State/Province: Illinois
First appearance: "Fear of Flying"

Chicago is an American city in Illinois, and the third most populated in the USA.


Homer and Mr. Burns travelled there by a private jet as a reward because Homer saved Mr. Burns' life. They went to Chicago as Homer said he liked Chicago deep dish pizza. They went to a comedy club, where Dan Castellaneta was performing. They asked him to act a scene featuring "a drunk millionaire at a Starbucks in Siberia"[1]


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When he catches the meteorite about to hit the town, Paul Bunyan throws it towards Chicago, starting the Great Chicago Fire.[2]


  • Lenny was born in Chicago.[citation needed]
  • When coaching Apu for his immigration test, Homer first points at Chicago, as the location of Springfield. Lisa corrects him.[3]
  • Air Springfield has a Springfield-Chicago route.[4]

Behind the Laughter[edit]



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